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UNTAMED GLENNON DOYLE Over 1 million copies sold #1 New York Times bestseller REESE'S... mehr
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Over 1 million copies sold

#1 New York Times bestseller


 "Untamed will liberate women - emotionally, spiritually; and physically. I beliebe Glennon was born to write this book, just this was, at just this moment in history. It is phenomenal." - ELIZABETH GILBERT


"Riveting ... a worthy investement." - THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW

"A haunting powerhouse ... the chance to be less alone in our own relationships." - THE WASHINGTON POST

Candid, brave, and generous." - KIRKUS REVIEWS

 "Widely beloved for her raw, honest tales of motherhott, bulimia, addiction, divorce and reconcilation." CHICAGO TRIBUNE

"Empowering, feminist ... badass." BUSTLE 

"Glennon shows us the clearest meaning of "To thine own self be true." It's as if she reached into her heart, captured the raw emotions there, and translated them into words that anyone who*s ever known pain or shame - in other words, every human on the planet - can relate to." - OPRAH WINFREY

"Glennon is church ... [Her] humor, warmth, and honesty are profound reminders that there is beauty in our struggle." - BRENÉ BROWN, PhD

"Stunning, buoyant ... a punch in the face to anyone anywhere who believes that this is just how it is and it's not going to get any better." BOB BELL

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